Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas Cards-Cuttlebug

Oh my gosh!  When I saw this card by Cheryl B. aka, Ladybug919, I knew I'd found the card that would be ours this year.  I love the clean lines on it, it looks very simple but does take some time to get your lines embossed on the Cuttlebug.  Thanks, Cheryl,  for sharing it!

It's an A2 size card.
The shiny red paper is cut at 5.25 x 4"
White for the door is cut at 5 x 3.75"

Martha Stewart branch punch was used for the wreath
Premade red bow
Brass brad for door knob.

If you click on the image of my template you can easily read the measurements on where to draw your score lines.

From the LEFT side of your paper, mark at:
 1 3/8"
 3 1/4"

Then rotate your paper and mark at:
Do this on both the top and bottom.

Using your Scor-Pal just emboss on the lines you've drawn. Note that you don't score all the way to the edges where my dotted  lines are showing.

I drew the lines on the back side of my paper so that the raised embossed lines would be on the front.

Those little red bows are a life saver!  Every year I search through the Christmas ornament aisle at Hobby Lobby and pick up a couple of packages of these to have on hand.  No way would I take the time to tie such a small bow!  And even if I did, they'd not be uniform in size.

It's too late for Halloween this year but can't you see doing this same door in a brown textured paper and putting  "OPEN IF YOU DARE!" on it?


Vanessa said...

What a pretty card! Thanks for sharing the instructions.

kimmie said...

love this card! even more impressive that you made it by scoring. very cool! i have never seen the little red bows! i may have to check them out.

i have looked and cannot find a ms branch punch around here! and i really want one! tfs!

Swimmom said...

Love this card! Thanks so much for sharing your template! I might have to try one!

Lynda said...

You are so talented! I love this card and will have to try to see if I can make one. Thanks for sharing.

Norma said...

this is so pretty! thank you for sharing the directions with us.

Shelley Evetts said...

I absoluely LOVE this card!! it will be our card this year as well. When I saw yours on the MB I just had to do my version of it. Thank you and CherylB so much. Beautiful

lguild said...

Shelley--all the credit goes to CherylB ! I totally lifted her idea.

If nice people didn't post photos on the MB I'd never make anything! LOL!