Sunday, October 24, 2010

Retirement cards III

The mystery about the retirement cards was solved yesterday at the swarm in Norman.  Okieladybug and I were talking about all the pretty cards I've received and she confessed that she's the one that had asked for you guys to send them.

She had done a post on the MB asking if anyone was interested in making cards, saying to PM her for the details.  I thought it was kind of strange that she didn't email me since she knows I make tons of cards for charity so I sent her a PM telling her I'd send her some.  She told me that she was asking for cards for her neighbor, Naomi, who's had some health problems and is now in an assisted living center but she didn't give me an address.  So, I just told her I'd send Naomi a card at her home address---and forgot to do it!  LOL!

Avra, aka Swimmom
This card from  Avra, aka Swimmom, uses a Cuttlebug folder that I haven't seen.  It's a perfect accompaniment for the paper she chose.  The writing in the background behind the colored image is an Irish blessing.  I love the red/black color combination.  As you can tell from the cards I make, I tend to do a lot of two color card fronts.

I now have a padded folder full of handmade cards I've received from MB members and will enjoy looking at them for a long time!


Swimmom said...

LOL! I'm glad she confessed and solved the mystery! Did she also tell you that her goal was to drive you crazy wondering where to put all the cards you received?! :)

lguild said...

It's always been Okie's goal to drive me crazy! LOL!

I wish I had a bulletin board or somewhere back here that I could have all the cards out to be seen.