Monday, November 1, 2010

Decorated Tin

Every month I go to stamp club with a great bunch of women.  We have a good time and sometimes I even get a few cards finished.

Carol N. sponsors and hosts the club.  Each time we meet she and her husband carry a huge cart load of supplies and stamps for us to use into the meeting room.  She provides everything we need to work all evening and so I wanted to make her a little thank you gift.

This is my interpretation of a chocolate survival kit that was posted on the Cricut MB this week.  The tin is one of my "bargains" from the last SU clearance sale.  Okieladybug and I ordered 30 of these, thinking they'd be large enough to hold sets of A2 cards.

When the order arrived, I realized that cards won't fit inside due to the rounded corners on the tins but we decided they'd be fine to put some recipe cards in for a gift or even some homemade candy.  (Now, if I just knew where to buy homemade candy! LOL!)

Each time I make a new project I learn something NOT to do. 

1.  Don't use cardstock to wrap the candy bars. Even if it did come from the same paper pack that you decorated the tin with.  Just about the time you get all the little bars wrestled around and wrapped, you will turn your back for a split second and they'll all magically unwrap themselves.  Red line tape is the only thing I had that would keep the cardstock edges attached.

2.  The next time Okie tells me I should buy something, I should listen!  LOL!  She raves about a product called Un-du for removing items with adhesive on them.  My bling isn't straight, I didn't buy the Un-du, so they're just going to have to stay where they are.  If I remove them the paper will tear.

Anyway, I'm sure Carol will be very gracious and tell me how pretty it turned out and that she loves it!  At least the candy inside is good....ask me how I know!


Vanessa said...

What a thoughtful gift! That paper looks good enough to eat (and yes, there are days I would probably eat paper). You did a great job.

Crystal said...

I love this! I wanted to get a few of the tins but I never did! Good use of it for the candy though!

217 Creations said...

Love this tin!

okieladybug or okie_ladybug said...

*SIGH* I finally have it in writing that you should always do what I tell you to do! My life is complete! HA HA HA

Shelley Evetts said...

oh my gosh1!!! I LOVE this!!!! it did turn out cute. As for the crooked bling.. well, I know as far as I'm concerned, let the bling be crooked as long as the chocolate is good. ha ha.. actually I never would have noticed the bling wasn't straight had you not mentioned it. I think we all see our flaws right off and just KNOW everyone else can see it. When I have a flaw that is the only thing I see on the card or whatever. ha ha.. but I love this tin.. very, very cute

okieladybug or okie_ladybug said...

Oh man you are suckin up! Now I will have to make something!

Linda said...

Wait until next month and you can do double duty---a thank you for hosting stamp club and Christmas!

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone! LOL!

ChandaCooney said...

What a great idea for these tins - they turned out awesome!