Monday, October 18, 2010

Storing unmounted stamps

After spending hours unmounting my wood block stamps and applying the static cling foam to them, this is how I store mine.

I purchased regular CD cases at Staples in a 24 count pack and removed the black insert that holds a CD in place.  I cut a 4 3/4" square of printer paper and stamped the images onto that.  Then I just slide it inside the CD case where the liner notes would be. ***NOTE: slimline CD cases will not work***

This way I can easily see exactly what stamps are in the CD case.  I also use a label maker and put labels onto the spines of the CD cases so I don't have to flip through all of them to find what I need.  Then I store them standing up like books in my JetMax cubes.

So far, the only stamps I have unmounted are the little $1 Studio G ones.  I'm just not brave enough to tear apart my Stampin' Up sets yet!

The static cling foam was purchased on Ebay by Okieladybug so I don't know who she got it from.  She has a good photo tutorial on her blog about how to unmount the stamps and apply the cling foam.

Unmounted, I got two drawers full of stamps into a single empty SU clamshell and eight CD cases!

Here's what they looked like before and after.  Now I have a couple of empty drawers to hold more goodies!  LOL!