Friday, March 25, 2011

Punch Bunny

The internet is such a great source of ideas to try out!  Last night while checking out some different blogs, I ran across this simple little bunny.

All you need is an 1 3/4" circle punch, a 1/2" circle punch, and two sizes of ovals to make the body parts.  You can use a regular hole punch to do the black circles for the eyes and the pink for the nose. 

Just add a little shading around each of the white pieces, some dots on the eyes and cheeks, and lines for whiskers and toes and you're done. You can give him a little "attitude" by folding down one of his ears about half way if you want.

These little guys can multiply quickly if you need a lot of them for your grandchildren or Sunday school class, too!

Since the George cartridge has these basic shapes on it, you could make a bunch of bunnies in no time with your Expression.

Here's what you'll cut using George:
     2 circles 1.75 inches
     2 circles .5 inches for cheeks
     4 ovals 1.75 x 1.375 inches for foot pads
     4 ovals 1.375 x 2 inches for feet and ears

     hole punch circles for eyes and nose


LorraineB said...

This is just tooooo adorable! I am going to make some. Thank you for the recipe.

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

ADORABLE! Cutie pie! Thanks for the measurements for the Expression, I may make some for the Easter Egg hunt we always host here!

Terri said...

Linda, thanks for sharing your bunny, hes soooo cute!

Flamenco92627 said...

Oh my gosh that is super cute! I told my DH when I first got my baby bug that all I would need was the George cart it came with. You're proving me right! Of course, I have since acquired another 25 or so carts. LOL