Monday, March 21, 2011

My day got away from me....

This morning I left home about 8:30 to go to the Social Security office in Shawnee to drop off a form.  Then I headed to the local stores to search for some simple sheer curtains for my bedroom.  Since the stores are widespread, I kept ducking into different places (since I was there) to look around. 

By the time I'd checked out The Dollar Tree, Ross, and Big Lots my day just got away from me.  There are still tons of boxes out in Fred's shop to bring back into the house and put away the contents.  The garage is not going to clean and re-organize itself either!

Since the day was shot, I decided to treat myself to a nap in my comfy recliner.  Naps are not something that I do very often.  I tend to wake up cranky and sort of disoriented since I've just lost that amount of time from my day.

Honestly, since I've retired, there are days that go by and our phone NEVER rings.  But, as soon as I drift off to take a nap I'll get calls from people I haven't spoken to since gradeschool!  Sure enough, I just dozed off when the phone rang.  Not only did I get that call, the phone rang a total of  FIVE FREAKING TIMES.   No nap for Linda this afternoon!

I looked at the clock and realized there was only an hour until the One Hour Challenge post on the Cricut MB so I rushed back here and tossed this card together so I'd have something new to post.

I cut the background shape using Lacy labels, punched the butterflies and inked them, computer generated the sentiment and punched it with a SU punch.


Brenda said...

Sorry no nap for you Linda, but you are so right about that darn phone, it happens around my house too! LOL I wish I could throw something as beautiful as your card together in an hour! I love the colors and the overall design of this card! Job well done my friend!!

Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

Very pretty!