Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tomorrow's the day!

 Updated 3/2/11----YUCK!

Tomorrow is the day that I have to pack up and totally empty my crafting room.

I've posted some photos of it in the past showing how I have my countertops and JetMax cubes arranged.  It will be all put back in the same way, just with commercial floor tiles instead of carpet.

My computer is back here as well so I won't have online access until I get everything put back and my PC hooked back up.  I've had this PC so long that it has a gazillion cords to plug back in and we never seem to get them all in the right ports when it's time to re-assemble it.

So, definitely no posts tomorrow or Friday.  Our house is being recarpeted on Friday.  My weekend will be spent cleaning and putting our furnishings back into place.

Once everything is back where it should be I'll re-post my before pictures alongside my after pictures.  Hopefully, my house will look like I think when I'm finished!  LOL!


The flooring store just called and my carpet is sitting in Dallas.  No floor tile tomorrow after all!  Now they're saying they'll do it on Friday and I didn't ask if they wanted to install the carpet on Saturday or if I'll have to wait until Monday!  ***sigh!***

This morning was spent emptying bookcases and removing everything I could out of the bedrooms preparing for the carpet.  I had planned to empty the craft room this afternoon.  Thank goodness she called before I had taken my card supplies out!  Now, at least I can still work on my CFS and keep my computer set up for another day.

To quote Rosanne Rosanna Danna from Saturday Night Live (the late Gilda Radner's character) "It's always something!"

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Suzanne said...

Missing you on the thread. Very slow tonight. Good luck the next two days. My first Blog Hop that I am participating in is tomorrow. Maybe you can luck when you get internet back. Take care.