Thursday, March 24, 2011

The "grouchy neighbor" in me came out this morning!

This morning I woke up to hear a pump running close to our house.  The reason I knew it was a pump is because we live in oil country.  It's not unusual to hear a vacuum truck or other type of oilfield equipment running since there are three producing oil wells within a few hundred yards of our house.

After getting dressed, I asked my husband where the pump was running and he told me the neighbor was emptying their swimming pool.  The water was being dumped, by a pool service company,  into the ditch that runs alongside the road in front of our houses and drains into a lake across the road from our property.
He had walked outside earlier and realized the water was backing up out of the ditch and flooding the west side of our property.

I pretty much went ballistic.  Over ten years ago we planted a beautiful Bald Cypress tree right where the water is standing.  Now, I'm afraid that all the nasty chemicals in the pool water will cause it to die!  Who knows what it could do to the lake, too!

We walked over and told the pool service crew what was happening and they pretty much just blew us off.  By the time we got over there the pool was emptied so the damage had been done.  The crew manager didn't even offer an apology!  He told me there were "no chemicals" in the water since the pool had been sitting all winter. 

As soon as I got home I tried to contact the owner of the company but no one answered so I've written them a letter telling the owner of the company what has happened and if my tree dies I will expect them to replace it with another tree the same size.

Grrrrr!  I'm so angry I could just spit nails!  And a big part of the reason I am is because of the attitude of the crew's manager when we spoke to him.  Guess they just don't care where their waste water winds up.  I feel like it's really negligent of them to just start pumping that volume of water without checking to see where it's going to wind up!  It's illegal in most cities to pump pool water into the CITY SEWER because of the chemical content, but I suppose it's okay to just dump it where it can contaminate the soil and a lake!

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Brenda said...

I hear you Linda! I had some problems this week with a builder my BIL is using to build his house across from us. He thought he could bring his trash over to my yard. The nerve of people that are supposed to be professionals! Is there no professionals anymore?? Well I can tell you I picked that trash up and took it right back over to them!!! Sounds like that fact that we are states apart the problems are similar. Hope you have a good Friday!!!