Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Promarker Practice

After taking a lot of painting classes over the years, I still struggle with contrast and shading.  Whenever I'm applying a shadow, it always appears to be too dark or just right until I walk away from the image and then look back and I see that it's too faint.

Promarkers make it super simple to shade images but I still need a lot of practice to get enough contrast.  This simple card was my practice project for this afternoon.

Letraset, the company that makes the Promarkers, is coming out with a sets of markers they've named Blending Sets.  They should be available this month at retailers.  I need to order a couple of those sets since they've selected colors that go together well.

The outer shadow surrounding the leaves doesn't even show up in the photo.  I wanted it to be subtle, but visible.


mschiddy said...

I think the coloring came out very pretty! You did a great job!

Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

you did well