Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bright Colors and a Spring Flower

Large patterned paper and I don't play well together.  To me, it always seems to be just too far off scale for an A2 sized card.  Today I decided to put a large pattern paper on a card front, even if it killed me!  LOL!

The pattern on this was just overpowering but I like the bright springlike colors.  Trying to decide how to cut the triangles made me wish I'd paid just a little more attention in math class as a kid!  So, I cheated and just measured the card surface I wanted to cover. :)

Thanks again to Karen Y. for sending me the Prima flowers.  I've used quite a few of them and still have a good supply on hand!


KarenY said...

This is a GREAT card. LOVE the colors of the paper and the flowers soften it up just enough. So glad you're enjoying the flowers!

Linda said...

You know I am! (enjoying the flowers) I've used a lot of them and still have enough to do a LOT of cards! Thank you again for sending them to me!