Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I get myself into so much trouble!

Tonight I decided to do a group buy/share on some baker's twine.

I went online and found a bakery supply selling 3400 yard cones of it at a really good price.   They have it in five different colors.

It didn't make sense to even buy a single cone since it has almost 2 FREAKIN' MILES of twine on it unless someone wanted to share it with me.  And I wanted more than one color, of course, which compounded my problem.

Facebook and the Cricut MB seemed like a good place to ask if anyone wanted to do a share so I did some fast calculations and posted the offer.

Within an hour I had the twelve people needed to do the share.

The twine has been ordered and should be here in about a week.

That gives me about seven days to figure out how the heck I'm going to measure five cones of twine, each holding 3400 yards, into 260 yard lengths.  And, I get to repeat it 65 times!

I get myself into so much trouble!  LOL!


Josie0602 said...

Darn! I was hoping to find someone that wanted to do this and I missed it!!! Have fun with all the measuring. Maybe Okie can come and help you!!

Cheryl B said...

Wow, now that sounds exactly the kind of trouble I get into! Hope it all works out for you;)