Saturday, March 12, 2011

Made it home in one piece...again!

Shirley and I left Seminole about 9 a.m. heading for Whole Lotta Scrap's garage sale in Norman.  Renee Wayland met us there and we bought a ton of bargains.

I was searching for sentiment stamps to add to my collection.  Most of my cards wind up with computer printed sentiments since my selection is pretty limited.  It seems like I use the same wording over and over! 

Looking through the tables with stamps spread out on them I found four sets of SU stamps and the most I paid for a set was $4.00.  Then there was a total of 36 individual stamps I picked out and still wound up only spending about $29 for them all.  Now, to get them off the mounting blocks and into my stamp cases so I'll have enough room for them will be next on my to do list.

On Main Street  in Norman there's a little bar/restaurant named Bison Witches.  I know, it's an odd name but they really do have a bison and a witch hat on their signs.  We decided to go there for lunch and Shirley got to try one of their Reuben sandwiches that I like so much. 

These photos were taken after lunch so we were all full and smiling!  Did you notice that Shirley and I are wearing identical shirts?  They were purchased at the Arlington convention last summer.  There's a big peace sign on the front with the words "Peace out! I'm goin' scrapping!".

After lunch we hopped into my van and drove to Moore to And Bear Makes 3.  It's a cute little store that sells stamps and scrapbooking supplies.  I picked up the cutest card kit for making birthday cards and will post photos as soon as I get them assembled.  They also had a set of little fat cat stamps by Penny Black that had to come to my house.

Renee was expecting company at her house so she left us and we went on to Hobby Lobby,  Tuesday Morning and Michael's.  Shirley loves to sit on the floor in Tuesday Morning to sort through their scrapbook paper and she dug out 10 packs of paper that we decided to buy and split.  Each pack has 25 sheets of the same patterned paper in it so it's going to last a long time.  Hey, it was cheap, what can I say?

Michael's was kind of confusing.  The clerks didn't seem to know what was on sale and what wasn't.  One side of the store had signs up saying 40% off paper packs, the other side didn't.  When I asked which ones were on sale, I was told it was only the new DCWV.  Then while walking around, I saw the 40% sign on other pack displays.  The only paper I purchased was some kraft cardstock, which wasn't marked as being on sale but rang up for about $1 less than it was marked. 

Since there was an Office Max close to Michael's we checked in there for a new printer.  My Epson just quit working  a couple of days ago.  I have a Lexmark that I've been using and it just won't handle the white Georgia Pacific cardstock I use all the time.  The manager helped me pick out one that he felt would do a good job.  Maybe tomorrow I'll unpack it and get it all set up and do a test run with it.

Tonight I learned something about printers.  The manager says they're designed to use paper up to 65 lb. weight.  The GP cardstock is 110 lb. so it was suggested that I buy the replacement warranty and just get a new one if it stops working!  For $14.99 I can get a refund of my purchase price if it messes up within two years.  Of course I bought the warranty because 99% of what I print is on cardstock!

We stopped at a local barbeque restaurant and had pulled pork for dinner.  By the time we got back to my house and had unloaded the van and divided up our paper packs, Shirley decided she better head back home to check on poor Lucy since she's been there all day by herself. So, another fun day out with friends has come to an end.  I'm pooped!  LOL!  But we had a good time!


Carrie K said...

Sounds like a fun day!!

Mindy said...

You guys are so funny, I have some close friends and we try to get together a couple of times a year and do a traveling scrapbook night. 7 silly girls in a mini van traveling from scrapbook store to scrapbook store makes some pretty great memories. Those girls are crazy... Have a great week
P.S. thanks for the printer info I need a new one and that could be the reason mine stopped working.

Renee said...

What a fun day! I hope we can do it again the next time you're in Norman.