Friday, March 11, 2011

Look out Norman!

Shirley, aka Okieladybug, and I need a day out.  She's coming up tomorrow and we're heading over to Norman for the garage sale at the LSS.  Renee Wayland is going to meet us and we'll go somewhere yummy for lunch and have some time to catch up on each of our busy lives!

Shirley and I have never taken a trip that we haven't had a lot of fun and laughs.  And that's something we both definitely need right now.  Between my being exhausted from trying to finish up the renovations on our house and her getting hit with a ton of bad news about family and friends we feel that a day of "retail therapy" is just what we need.

I've spent today putting some finishing touches on our living room so I can show the place off when she gets here tomorrow.  I already know what her comment will be "It's still blue and brown!".  She and I have a running discussion about the color of the couch I bought.

She says it's brown, I say it's "paprika" because that's the name the salesman gave me (after I specifically told her I would not buy anything brown!)  LOL!

Interior decorating is not something I am interested in, care about learning, or have any talent for doing.  So, when I find something that looks good to me and is comfortable, it stays until it wears out.

Fifteen years ago when we bought this house, I had sort of oatmeal colored carpet installed, the walls painted tennish white and put my country blue furniture in the living room.  With all the wood in the room, it was just blue and brown.

Getting ready to update and do the renovations, I wound up purchasing a little darker shade of berber carpet pretty much like what I was replacing.  Then I got wild and decided to pick out some new drapes for the room too.  The ones I chose are nice but as soon as they were hung and all the furniture was put back into place I told my husband "IT'S STILL BLUE AND BROWN!".   *****BIG SIGH!****     Something tells me that Okie's really going to give me a hard time tomorrow!  LOL!

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char52 said...

So funny how we gravitate to the same colors.. hehehe, I am so not a decorator either. My kids keep asking when the house is getting out of the 80's and I say when the stuff wears out. Enjoy your day tomorrow.