Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Cards for Soldiers

I've been making duplicates of cards that I already posted on my blog.  It seems that my time has gotten away from me and I'm down to the wire to get enough Christmas cards finished and ready to ship so they'll have plenty of time to get them and send them back home.

These turned out cute, and you can whip out a lot of them in no time.  I may have to do some of these for our cards this year!

The first one I made was the one with the circle and it was just too plain.  I thought it didn't look enough like a package and so I modified it just a little and added the bow.


Jamie said...

can I scrap lift this?

Linda said...

Of course you can! Thanks for asking. Hope you enjoy making them!

TyTynNiyasmom said...

These are too cute :) I'm sure the soldiers that receive them will appreciate them as well.

Jamie said...

Finally got around to making one of these and wanted to show it to you! Hope I did your layout justice :)

Linda said...

Jamie: That paper you used is really cute!

I'm glad you found this one worth "lifting"! Thanks for letting me know.