Friday, November 12, 2010

Cricut Online Class

Last night I "participated" in Cricut's very first online class.  There was a lovely young lady who works for Provocraft as an illustrator serving as the instructor.  She was demonstrating how to make a very simple Thanksgiving banner using an Expression and a Gypsy.  It's so nice that Provo spent the time and money to produce the online class for us!

The project was pretty much self-explanatory if you saw the photograph of it finished.  I was so hoping that she'd give us some good tips and instructions on using the Expression without Design Studio. 

I purchased Design Studio when I bought my baby bug over 2 years ago and have never used my Expression without it!  I had no idea that the E had a button on it called "Flip" until she mentioned it last night. LOL!

They Gypsy is not a machine that I have ANY interest in owning.  It's just something that I know I'd never use since the screen is so tiny and I don't go to a lot of crops or swarms.  But, I'm sure the Gypsy owners were hoping for more instructions on using it, too.

So, in your opinion, is my idea of what the class should have been totally off base?  In talking to Okie last night during and after the class she told me that it was a project class, not necessarily intended to be a class in how to use their machines.

Anyway, it was sort of fun to watch.  I had problems with the chat scrolling on the side; I kept losing my concentration on what was being demonstrated by reading comments!  LOL!  But, I'm looking forward to the next class already.

Here's what I'd like to see done differently:

1.  A bigger viewing screen without the chat.
2.  Chat available after the demonstration.
3.  Either do a demonstration on the E or the G, including both was just too confusing
4.  Increase the volume.  I had my speakers turned all the way up and if there had been any background
     noise I would have missed a lot of what was said.
5.  Provide a link where printed instructions for the project would be made available.

So, tell me what YOU thought about the class.



Unknown said...

It wasn't the best class I had ever taken...but I did end up making the banner. Wish they would have posted instructions because if you missed her verbal instructions you were pretty much out of luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely. There was a serious problem with the volume. The on-line chat on the side was very distracting. I seemed to me that there was more about products for the banner than how to use the g or e to get the banner made.
Maybe I am showing my age, but why are there no product guides with the machines and items purchased??
I didn't see all of it as I had an error that took most of the first half hour.

Gramjak said...

Gosh, I agree with your suggestions 100%.

My biggest problem was the volume issue. I couldn't hear at all. Too much going on -- distracitons with the chat,etc. Not being able to see OR hear made it a horrible experience. I, too, eventually, made the banner. It wasn't a good training class, altho' I, too, appreciate the effort.

Anonymous said...

OK, I just found your blog (from Okie's blog. How, where and when are the Cricut classes. Are they free?Sounds like something I would be interested in. Thx!
Nancy JR

Linda said...

Nancy-the class was announced in an email to members of the MB as well as on the Cricut Chat MB.

All we had to do was sign up for it and then log on about 15 minutes before it started.

Watch the MB and they're supposed to be having some more classes in the near future.

The best way to learn to use your Cricut is to log onto the OLD Cricut MB and start reading the posts there. A ton of info is available!