Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nestabilites RAK

Carol from the MB was the winner of the Nestabilities. 

Congratulations, Carol!  I sent you a PM.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about winning these.  I hope Carol will use them and post a photo of her creation!

OMG ... Linda, I cannot believe you are giving these away. I totally love Nestabilities, and their kissing cousins, Shapabilities and Boarderabilities too!

If you are sure you really want to do this ... then send them my way. I will give them lots of love! (but only if you are really, really sure!)

(from the Cricut MB)


Melissa said...

Congratulations Carol! It couldn't have happened for a nicer person!


Carol said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, I am a winner! Wooo Hooo ... doing the happy dance here!!! I am so excited.


It's not too late to change your mind Linda ... No, wait, yes it is! *wink*

Thank you so much! I promise to give they a good home!


Vanessa said...

Congrats to Carol! I'm sure she'll make something very nice with these.