Sunday, November 7, 2010

Twenty Six Days of Thankfulness

Today I'm thankful for all the military men and women who protect and defend our country.  I greatly appreciate their sacrifices they make to serve our country.


M from Texas said...


I just found your blog! Is it new???

I'm afraid with my new job I have not spent nearly enough time crafting or computer browsing. It's getting easier, though, so I am trying to play some catch up.

I just LOVE the card tin that you made for me and have loved having all of the sweet cards already made for me. They came at such a good time.

I also found some little gift enclosure size envies on sale at Michael's so I've tried my hand at those. My goal is to make one or two each time I make a regular card using the scraps before I clean them all up.

Anyway, many blessings to you today.

Michelle Pharis
Amarillo, TX

Linda said...

Thanks Michelle! Glad you ran across my blog!

I started the blog a couple of months ago to have a place to store photos of my cards and stuff online.

That way if someone not on the MB wants to see them I can send them here and not have to email photos.

Card making is addictive! LOL! I enjoy it because there are so many great places online to get ideas.

Your gift enclosures are a good idea. I do save my scraps in folders and could make a ton of those!