Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tightwad Tip -- Liquid "Brads"

Have you ever assembled a card and realized you forgot to add some brads?  Today I was making a few quick cards with a Stampin' Up Blossom Punch.  The center of the flower is a large white brad and I wanted to repeat the brads on the yellow background.  I was distracted and adhered the yellow background to the card front without inserting the brads.

So, I grabbed a bottle of Slick paint and made two small dots on the card.  Then gently tapped the card with my fingernail to flatten the dots into liquid "brads". 

Can you tell which is a brad, and which are the dots of paint?


Karons Krafty Korner said...

This is great Linda - all I can say is you did a fab job,can't tell. And if I tried that they would look terrible. TFS

Shelley said...

Stinkin cute!

Donna Boyce said...

Very cute card! Great job with the paint dots.

Kim M. said...

Okay, which is the brad? 'Cause I sure can't tell!

Love the card!!

Linda said...

Definitely the two white dots in the upper left corner, Kim H!