Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Collage Cards II

These were done with the Antiquities stamp collection from 3 Birds.

I like the darker background on these better than the ones I posted yesterday.  Somehow, to me, these collage cards using vintage images just need to have the inked edges and darker papers.

Whenever I go into a scrapbook store, I always look for paper with script writing on it.  My search will continue until I find just the right one!  It's a pattern that I like to use for backgrounds and it seems whenever I find it, the base color isn't quite what I want.

My desire is to have a light cream background with either grey or brown writing. But, pretty much no matter what color I find, I buy it!

A large background stamp with script on it would be wonderful.  Then I could just stamp whatever color base paper I want.


CCfromoz said...

love this one

Ohhh Snap said...

Beautiful cards, the colors are fabulous. I'm starting to buy prints with black or brown patterns on white or off-white paper and then if I need a specific color, I add Distress Inks of the appropriate color(s).

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your vintage stuff and I agree, the darker seems to fit better. Maybe because vintage photos typically have less color, or at least not as distinct hues? TFS