Thursday, July 19, 2012

Posted Just to Remind Me

While studying some online tutorials on using punches to make different shapes, i.e. animals, I found one that explained how you could lengthen the Decorative Label punch by cutting your paper strips 1 3/8" wide and feeding in through the BACK side of the punch.  Makes perfectly good sense once you see it done and it will expand the uses for the punch since it can be used for larger stamps.

Here's the link for Flowerbug's Inkspot tutorial on how to make the punch any length you want.

So, I did this post just to remind me of how to manipulate the label punch and get more use out of it.

After wrestling with the paper, getting the right width cut, etc.  It occurred to me (DUH!)  all I needed to do was punch the shape, then cut it in half, trim off the point in the middle of the shape and then stick the halves onto the ends of the punch to make it have multiple layers.   (I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the string!)

I trimmed off the pieces indicated with white pen marks.

Flowerbug's tutorial shows how to make a shadow for the punch.  My way of doing it is a lot easier and will work just fine for card fronts.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thanks, Linda, for all your tips and beautiful cards...

MaryH said...

I so enjoy your posts - for the lovely cards. Also for your tips. I struggle with a lot of the same issues you describe here, & I surely don't think of your innovative solutions. Thanks for the tips along with the cards. Love this one on the punch problem. (I must be a dim bulb too!)