Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ombre Card

ombre (adjective)-having colors or tones that shade into each other

Recently I saw a card online that incorporated an ombre strip with monochromatic stamped images.  Today, since it's 110° outside, I've been looking through my ideas folder for some cards to make.  It's definitely too hot to go anywhere!

I tried two methods to create a mask for applying the ink.  Blue painter's tape and cutting a stencil.  Both work but the painter's tape pulled the top layer off a couple of pieces of cardstock.  I think I achieved a sharper edge with the painter's tape when compared to my stencil though.

Using the George cartridge, I welded two rectangles and made this stencil.

I applied Memento Rhubard Stalk, Bamboo Leaves and London Fog inks with a soft sponge to the card front and then applied my stamps.

You also could just hold a piece of cardstock or scrap paper in place to create your mask, but you'll need to be sure you don't let it slip while scrubbing the inks onto the paper.

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