Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spacing holes using a Bind-It-All

My Bind-It-All has been used very little since I've owned it because I never understood how to align the paper and get the holes punched equidistant from each edge.  Using the guide on the BIA, the top edge would be spaced perfectly but when I punched the length of the cover, the last hole would be too close to the edge--or even punched right on the edge of the cover.

I watched the online instructional video a few times and either they didn't explain how to do the spacing or it just went right over my head because it's been a struggle for me.  It's not that I make lots of books with the BIA, but when I do want to do one, I'd like for it to look professional. 

After seeing a demonstration on HSN for the Cinch, I've been considering getting it because it appeared to be easier to use for odd sized book covers.  The $100 price tag and the size of the machine is what's kept me from picking one up.

Three times I've stood in Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon in my hand and the Cinch in my shopping cart and each time I wind up putting it back!  (some of my friends make comments about how tight I can be sometimes!)

Recently, I put a post on Facebook asking about the difference between using the BIA and Cinch.  Thank you,  Sue Painter,  for posting a simple hint on how to get the holes perfectly spaced!  I had (another) AHA! moment when I tried her method.  It was one of those "How come I didn't think of that?" moments.  (But if you asked Fred why I didn't think of it, he'd explain!)

So, here's my explanation of what Sue Painter said.  I'm not a very good photographer but I wanted to document this on my blog so I'd have the instructions where I could find them the next time I want to bind a book.  I also typed them out and attached them onto the bead chain that holds the wire size templates on the BIA to have them handy.

Hope these make sense to you too!

Mark the center of your page along the side that you want to punch your holes.

Align your mark with the center point marking on the BIA and punch.

Select the SECOND hole from the left side of your punched holes.

Put the paper back into the BIA and align the SECOND hole with the stop guide, and punch.

Turn the paper over, align the SECOND hole with the stop guide and punch one more time.  You'll have an 11" sized book with perfectly aligned holes at the top and the bottom edge! 

This also works for an 8 1/2" sized book.

If you've been struggling with your BIA, I hope this helps.  If you're one of the smart folks who knew this intuitively, well, good for you!  LOL!


AndreaA said...

great tutorial Linda!! TFS!

littlen said...

Thanks. I've struggled with this same issue and your explanation makes it seem easy. I'll save your post for future reference.

Carrie K said...

I have made address books and recipe books for me and my kids. (16 in all) and I have never understood it quite right. My husband always punches for me!!(he has to be good for something, right?)

TyTynNiyasmom said...

Thanks soo much. I really wanted to start using mine more, but had the some problem:)


KAT said...

thanks linda. this makes it easier to understand

Lori Apgar said...

Thanks for this tip!!!