Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the middle of all the dust...

Our carpenters showed up today!  The weather is so bad, we probably still have about 8" of snow and the thermometer never hit 20° today so I wasn't expecting them. 

Thank goodness I had done everything I could earlier this week to be ready for them to start the demolition.  In the middle of all the dust  (we had to open the house up to blow as much of it out as we could) I just came back here, shut the door and made some cards.

Yesterday was the carpenter's birthday so I did bake him a yummy chocolate sheet cake while they were setting up their equipment.  It got done just in time for him to have some on his break.  I figure if I bake for him he'll show back up and finish the job! LOL!

I'm enjoying playing with my new stamps from SU and used some of them on both these cards.

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