Monday, February 21, 2011

Cookbook Poem

I found a yellowed copy of this poem in my old recipe box.  It was cut from a newspaper but I have no idea how many years ago!  I know for sure I had it in there in 1989 because I included it in a family cookbook that I compiled for our annual reunion.

                                               TWO GREAT BOOKS

                                The two greatest books ever published
                                Are the Bible and the family cookbook.

                               Their pages are filled with ideas
                               If we’d but take the time for a look..

                              The cookbook shows food for the body,
                              Which we can’t possibly do without.

                              The Bible provides food for the soul,
                              Which we can and should learn more about.

                              Neither of these books can be helpful
                              If they gather dust upon the shelf.

                             Combining the two will bring long life.
                             Follow them and take care of yourself.


Vanessa said...

I love that! Thanks for sharing the wisdom!

Shawnee said...

Such a great poem and soo true.

Love That Bug said...

What a great poem, and so true.
Thanks so much for sharing