Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Hour Challenge Cards

With the remodel work going on at my house, it's hard for me to settle down and craft! It's not that I'm helping them do anything.   My job is pretty much to stay out of the workers' way.  I have been cooking for them to keep myself occupied.  My theory is if I feed them, they'll keep working! lol!

Yesterday it was chili and Chewy Charlie cookies.  The day before I made Banana Nut Pound Cake and they had their lunch downtown.  It's nice to have someone that likes to eat since cooking is something I do enjoy doing.

These two cards are what I was able to sit still long enough to make for our challenge last night.  It's about all I could come up with, being so unsettled.  The paper and stamp I used are from SU.

Today was spent at Lowe's buying light fixtures and, Hooray!, when I got home Dwayne, the carpenter, told me it was okay if I started vacuuming up some of the powdery sheetrock dust.  The vacuum bag filled up really fast.  That stuff is EVERYWHERE!  I just cleaned enough up today to try and keep it from circulating when the heat comes on.  In the next couple of weeks, we'll have new floor coverings put down throughout the house and I won't deep clean until that's done.

My craft room is carpeted now and I can't decide what type of hard surface floor covering to put down in here.  I'd picked out some laminate that's on a roll like old fashioned linoleum but the more I think about it, I don't believe it will hold up in my desk area where my chair rolls back and forth all the time.

A chair mat really won't work well in here either the way I have my countertops and drawer units set up.  So, I'm looking at maybe putting in a laminate that looks like hardwood instead. 

Regular old 12 x 12 commercial vinyl tile is my absolute first pick.  We've put it down in two kitchens, it's easy to care for and wears like iron but I'd have to special order it to get a pattern that doesn't look like a lobby in a business building.

The clerks at Lowe's and the carpet store keep discouraging me from installing commercial flooring since this room is a bedroom.  My stance is that it's my house, my room and I should get what I want.  If we sell the house, the new owner can put down what they want!

OMG! I'll have to pack up and empty my room to get this done!  That I'm dreading, for sure!

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