Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My own design!

I seldom create a card myself.  It's soooo much easier to find one online and copy it or at least use it for inspiration and do my own interpretation.

Well, this one is my own design!  lol!  It took me approximately three hours to sketch it, lay it out in Design Studio, get all the cuts done and four cards assembled.

For some reason, I had a problem cutting the word "Sweetie" once I had welded it inside a rectangle.  My original concept was to use the negative cut of that word and layer it onto a piece of green paper to make it look like the tags.  The first one cut just fine and the other three cut the letter "S" and the openings inside the "e's" and that's all. 

It's been a while since I used four cartridges to make a single card layout, too. 

Cursive 101  -  Sweetie
Block Party - Pie
George - tag
Plantin Schoolbook - hi

The sizes of the images were all adjusted to fit onto an A2 card using Design Studio.  I saved the cut file to share if anyone wants it.  The file will do four cards.

The paper is SU, flowers are Prima, inked the edges with Chestnut Roan and added some gold Stickles inside the flowers.

I made the one with the large green flower first and decided to add the darker shade of pink strip across the right side to break up the background.

This is the first cut I've made from Block Party.  It was one of the cartridges that I got on BF for $20 and it's got a ton of shapes on it that I can hardly wait to play with.

So, tell me what you think!

Had a question about how I cut the letters on this.

To do the "hi"  I used George.  Cut the tag set at 1.44 and .808 and just welded the letters from Plantin Schoolbook set at .816 and .256 to fit inside the tag.

To do the "Sweetie" I used Cursive 101, nudged and welded the letters together to cut as on single cut.   The lower case letters wound up being .836 high to fit onto the card face.

Then I layed the brown cutout onto a 1" wide strip of green and just trimmed it by hand for the shadow.  I wound up leaving the hole in the top of the tag that's there for a string, because I'd copied and pasted the image so I couldn't use the hide countour feature in Design Studio to get rid of it.


Vickie_M said...

Going to have to scraplift this one. I love the card. I think the one with the dark pink strip looks the best. I don't have Block Party, but I am sure I can find a pie on another cart.

Linda said...


From My Kitchen has one too.