Monday, December 6, 2010

JOY Banner

Very simple to make.  I used Accent Essentials for the scalloped rectangle, cut at 4.439 x 5".

I chose these dimensions so that the finished banner will fit into one of the SU tins I bought on clearance to store until next Christmas.  You could decorate the tin and it would make a nice gift.  It's an idea I saw on a SU demo's blog.

 I cut one scalloped rectangle out of green cardstock using the hide contour feature so the center frame won't cut and one out of striped paper.  The paper needed to be mounted onto cardstock since it was such light weight.

I layered the striped paper over the green and then cut the shape again out of red cardstock.  This time I welded  letters cut at 3 1/2" using my Jasmine cartridge.  I adhered the red cutout over the striped paper and added some doodledots. ***there's that word again! It always makes me laugh!***

Attaching the paper onto the ribbon became my next challenge.  I tried using some really good glue but it wound up bleeding through on the ribbon.  I decided to try red line tape.  Since it's just a simple holiday decoration I hope it will hold together for the next couple of weeks!  LOL!

I added a "D" ring at the top of the ribbon for a hanger and then just tacked the bow on the bottom by hand.

Cute, simple and quick!

This was all whipped together using supplies I had on hand last night. 

I think it would hang better if I'd punched holes in the corners of each square and threaded the ribbon through on both sides.  With a single ribbon down the center, any breeze will cause it to spiral so it will have to be hung flat against the wall.  Oh, well!  Another learning experience!  LOL!


rcz28 said...

OOOH, I like this

okie_ladybug said...

Look at you getting into the Christmas spirit! That is a great banner!

Linda said...

Thank you kindly.

Since I'm pretty much a Bah-humbug at this time of the year and do absolutely no decorating, I took this down to the director at the senior citizen center for her to hang up there.