Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Card

This turned out so cute!  I used a SU stamp for the sentiment.  The cord going between the little flower brads is dental floss!  It's flat and comes out of the dispenser sort of curled up which gives it a little texture.

The rectangle with the brads is pop dotted.  I decided not to use pop dots under the sentiment since it will be going through the mail.

Inside sentiment is just "Happy Birthday".  All the paper SU.

Every time I try a new idea I learn something.  This time I learned that it's much easier if you punch all four holes in the corners for your brads, insert three of them.  Then thread the floss up from the back side of the card and wrap it around the three brads and back down through the empty hole.  Insert your final brad, flip it over and tie the floss into a knot on the back side.

I tried threading it through the holes first and then putting the brads in and had to wrestle the cardstock all over to keep the floss in place.

Tried out using copper colored brads and added some little candles done with a MS punch on this one.


okie_ladybug said...

Gonna have to lift this card!

Linda said...

THUD! **that's the sound of me hitting the floor in a faint!***

I can't believe YOU are lifting something from ME! LOL!