Friday, May 13, 2011

Seminole Patchwork Projects

Long before I became involved with paper crafting, I was a patchworker.  I began with a simple strip of Seminole Patchwork and wound up traveling far and wide doing Native American festivals and art shows with my items.

These are photos of some of the things I made.  The purses were my main item.  I believe when I stopped participating in the festivals I had made and sold around 3,000 of them.  At that time I had an entire assembly line set up in our den.  All the patchwork and the purses were made by me with the exception of the straps.  Fred wound up learning to use the sewing machine to make some of those when I got a huge order to export to a department store in Germany.


Robin's Crafting Creations said...

WOW, i had no idea you were THIS creative, excellent work!

ramonafl4 said...

You are very creative love all the work

Anonymous said...

These are really neat !!

Anonymous said...

nice work, but you do not look Seminole to me and there is a law against you making money on our culture and traditions...did any of that money go to help my people? Didn't think so.

Linda said...

Yes, Ms. or Mr. Anonymous, I do not look like a Seminole.

I am a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and taught myself how to make the patchwork.

I've received high commendations from even the Chief of the Florida Seminole tribe for my work. And I spent a good number of years participating in Native American art shows, pow wows and festivals in order to help promote the craft.

I'd love to know where you got the idea that there's some sort of law restricting the making and selling of the patchwork. Please feel free to post the information here and I'll certainly look at it.

Unknown said...

Linda, love ur work here...why don't u do this any more?
can u share some links as to learn this technique?