Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're home now

Fred was dismissed from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  He's doing well enough that he didn't need to go to a rehab facility, he'll just have some home health care and physical therapy to aid in his recuperation.

Since, I'm not a good nurse...I tend to hover and ask too many questions...I came back here to check emails, etc. and thought I'd post a short message on here.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  Throughout the whole emergency room, surgery and hospital stay I felt a deep sense of peace and knew that everything was going to be okay.  I know it was because of all the prayers going up for both of us!

Since he's going to be home bound for a couple of months, I should be able to get back into making some cards.  If I'm back here I won't be asking him "what do you want?"  "Do you want some coffee"  "Do you need to get up"  etc. etc.  LOL!  He can always yell at me if he needs me to do something and the activity will be good for him if he gets it himself.

This is just going to be a setback of a couple of months.  His injuries could have been so much worse!  Probably my biggest challenge is going to be finding things to keep him occupied.  This time of the year he's usually outside working in the yard, etc.  But, he has learned how to use Facebook and goes online sometimes with his laptop so that will give him a good thing to occupy his time.

Thanks again to all of you!


TerriK said...

I am so glad to hear that Fred is home and doing well. Take care of yourself, I cant wait to see all the cards you will be creating.

Melissa said...

Oh Linda, I had no idea that Fred was having surgery. My blogger has been messed up since last week and I've been missing a lot of posts from the blogs I follow. Glad all went well and that he is home. Good luck to you keeping him entertained! lol Maybe he can join the Cricut Board or take up blogging! :)


Suzanne said...

So glad all is going well Linda. Like I said on Facebook don't give him a bell to ring. LOL Will keep you both in my prayers and pray for a speedy recovery. Hope your nursing duties don't keep you away from card making. I am almost ready to send my box to you.

LorraineB said...

Great news Linda. It's ok to smother hubby, he has been through so much. You too. It was so nice of Shirley to keep us up to date on his condition. We were all praying for you both. Spoil him rotten. Our hubbies are so special.

KarenY said...

So glad to hear that DH's surgery went well and he will be able to recuperate at home. As Dorothy said...there's no place like home! Will continue to pray for the two of you.