Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A thought on babies, old ladies and injured husbands

There's an old joke that goes:

You know why God doesn't give babies to 60 year old women?

(my first thought was, because he's not a vengeful God, but that's not the right answer)

Because she'd lay it down and forget where she left it!

There's also another reason why babies are born to the young.  By the time we are older, we have forgotten just how much time it takes to care for a baby.

I'll be turning 62 in June, (come on Social Security!) and haven't had provide full time care for an infant in a loooong time.........until last Wednesday.  That's the day my husband fell and fractured his right hip and right foot.

He's had surgery to repair his hip and is home recuperating nicely.  His doctor is very pleased with his progress.  He is using a wheelchair for ease of moving around, a walker for other needs and can transfer himself in and out of the wheelchair.  He does tend to forget that he's had major surgery, is not 25 years old, and it's GOING TO TAKE TIME before he can zip around the house on his own two feet again.

But, I had no idea how much tending to his needs while recuperating would mimic taking care of a baby!  If he gets too tired or hungry, he gets testy.  I'm constantly listening to determine what he's doing.  If I hear the wheelchair's footrest being snapped into place or the walker being unfolded, I jump up to see where he's trying to go. 

If I don't hear the wheelchair footrest being snapped or the walker being unfolded and there's no snoring going on I jump up to see if he's all right.  It's a no-win situation! 

As long as he's not feeling bad, he's not demanding at all.  He may even have learned after yesterday that he needs to get more rest and not be getting up on his walker quite so much.  When I suggested that he lie down on the bed for a couple of hours this afternoon so his leg could be elevated, he didn't argue.  And now, as I type this, I can hear him snoring while lying there.

On his first night home from the hospital, it took me approximately an hour and a half and 25 trips from the bedroom to the living area to get him settled into bed.  This was so reminiscent of the first night my son was at home after he was born! LOL!

You just never realize how many things you do very easily for yourself until your mobility is compromised! Just imagine what it takes to brush your teeth, shave, comb your hair etc. if you can't reach or fetch it for yourself!

I'm not a nurse, have zero experience taking care of someone who's injured, and today was my very first time to see staples in someone's skin.  I managed to get his dressings changed without fainting or throwing up but I made sure he had a phone within reach in case I did hit the floor!.

Well, the nap is over. He just called for me to come help him out of bed.   At least I had about an hour to do some things I needed to get done! LOL!  Now it's time to put my nurse's hat back on and resume my duties!


okieladybug or okie_ladybug said...

Uhh yeah, the offer to find some illicit drugs to keep him knocked out is looking pretty good right now isn't it! HA HA HA

char52 said...

Speedy recovery to your husband. For your sanity lol !

Anonymous said...

I hope your husband recovers quickly! Hang in there and remember to take care of yourself during the process.

Deana (aka dml)

Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers...My husband nicknamed me "warden" when he was recovering from several surgeries and chemo, but thanked me later. Be sure to take some time for yourself, and maintain your sense of humor. It will be a distant memory before you know it!
carolyn in nebraska

Donya/Okscrappinmama said...

I had to chuckle about the baby comment. If you remember me and my little man Ethan (Panera Bread in Tulsa last October) I sometimes feel like that forgetful person being 45. LOL

Do you feel like the Seinfeld episode "Serenity Now!" LOL

Quick healing to your hubbie and a littler peace and relaxation for you.


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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you and praying for you both. Hope he recovers soon. Tell him not to rush it though. If he hurts it again it will take longer to heal the second time !