Saturday, May 21, 2011


Greenbean did a post on the Cricut Circle message board about Smashbooks.  I'd never even heard of them until I read her post.  And, like Greenbean, I'm NOT a scrapbooker.  After watching this video I decided to make my own Smashbook to hold all the cards that Fred's received while he's recuperating.   ---- link to the instructional video

 View of all the pages.  I have divider pages--no tabs on those yet!--colored copy paper pages, graph paper, lined paper, double sided cardstock and the pages that she gives a link to download and print inside.

I printed her pages on white cardstock and just cut them to size.

 One of my favorite patterns is CHERRIES! So that's what I used for the front cover.
 Obviously, front and back covers.
 This is one of the pages that you can print using the link provided in the Youtube video.  This one says "notes and quotes".
I inserted these sheets of lined paper just behind the page shown above.  If you ever see my status updates on Facebook, you know that I collect funny quotes and sayings.  Now, I have a cool place to keep them written down.
 This is another of the pages I printed and just added a library pocket onto.
 Another pocket on a sheet of double sided paper that Okie and I found at Tuesday Morning a while back.
This is a sheet of Heidi Grace cardstock that I made one of the pocket pages using the instructions in the video.

So, mine's pretty much a Plain Jane for now.  I'd love to "trash" it up like the ones I've seen online but truly don't know where to start!  LOL!  But, it will be handy to jot things down in and tuck things into that I want to keep!


greenbean said...

shut the front door!...this is freaking awesome! love love it! totally kicked smash on this book!....

Crafty Teacher said...

It looks awesome! I might have to do one now for my daughter and blame you and Greenbean! hehe :)

Carrie K said...

Great idea! I could use one for my sons wedding plans!! His fiance is very unorganized. Maybe this would help her!!

Linda said...

Thanks, Greenbean! It's all because you posted the link. Maybe when Okie comes up to scrap she can give me some ideas on how to jazz it up some!

Dayna Sabrina said...

Great job! I think I might have to finally make one of these using up old supplies. Sabrina -