Sunday, May 22, 2011

Filling up my Smashbook

After going through 3 desk drawers, I found quite a few things to put into my Smashbook.  There's still no embellishments on or in it though!  I love the shabby look of the ones I've seen online but just lack the artistic talent to do mine that way.

So far all I have is some cards, photos, plane tickets and some letters inside.  Tomorrow afternoon I'll look around some more and see what other treasures I can find to put inside.

The pages are 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and now I'm sort of wishing I'd done mine larger than that to accommodate the programs from our granddaughter's dance and music recitals.

I highly suggest that you put several of the pocket pages in yours if you decide to make one.  I have some old letters from my mother and brother that were hard to put into mine so I had to use the pocket pages.  Now I'm sure I'll find other things that I don't want to tape down and need more pockets! 


Vanessa said...

I had never heard of Smash books until I saw your previous blog post. I thought it was a nice idea, but couldn't see myself using one. But you have really opened my eyes with this post! I can think of so many keepsakes I have piled in boxes that just need a good home. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Vanessa--I made mine 1/2 sheet sized pages and wish they were larger.

I have a lot of cards from DH and they're too large to fit inside.

Guess that means I'll be making another larger one to hold the cards. It's going to need a lot more pages too since we've been married over 40 years!

Brenda said...

I had never heard of a SMASH book until Suzanne posted hers. I think this is such an awesome idea. Just think of all the momentos that are stored away in junk drawers that now can have a home in the book. Just think now to say, Oh I know exactly where that ticket stub is!! I am so loving this idea and want to get in on this as well! LOL