Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why aren't cats bald?

We have two rescued cats.  One comes in the house occasionally and the other one is strictly forbidden to set paws inside.  He's huge and part Bobcat, we believe.  Our home is in a small subdivision in a rural area.  All of the houses have over an acre of land surrounding them so he has plenty of room to roam.

Last summer my neighbor called to tell me that her daughter was videotaping a mountain lion on the rear of their lot near a brush pile.  DH, a friend and I walked over to see this ourselves.  This isn't so far fetched because a mountain lion has been seen within 1/4 mile of our property.
We stood there for several minutes admiring the big cat from a distance and finally determined that it was just L.C., my DH's big outdoor cat!  There have been a lot of laughs about the mountain lion sighting!

Back to my original thought........why the heck aren't cats bald?  I just finished sweeping my kitchen floor.  Had a couple of balls of cat hair show up.  I sweep off the door mat just outside the kitchen door that opens into the garage every couple of days and always wind up with a big poof of cat hair!  Yet, neither of these cats is going bald.  How in the world do they lose so much hair and not have bare skin showing?

If the Hair Club for Men could figure it out, they'd be billionaires overnight!


Laurie said...

TOO funn! And so true!

quilt4fun2 said...

So funny and I can they lose so much so quickly?? Bad news for dark polar fleece also.