Saturday, September 18, 2010

The decorating world is stuck on brown!

Recently I decided it was time to replace my couch and went to eight or nine furniture retailers checking out what was available.  After the first one, I told the salesman right up front "nothing brown".   He assured me that there were a number of couches I'd like and direct me to look at one........and it was BROWN!

He might have called it desert sand, mocha, mojave mist or some other euphemism but it was still brown.

After several days of searching I bought a couch,  and  it's comfortable. 
The saleslady pacified me by calling it "cinnamon". 
I felt as if I had no choice; it was either some shade of brown or nothing. 

Today I went to pick out carpet, floor tile and some laminate to re-do our flooring.

Evidentally, the home decor industry has RUN OUT OF DYES because carpet and floor tile samples are....BROWN! 

So, after a couple of hours I chose my new floor coverings.  The lady assured me they are all "very neutral" and will be easy to decorate with.  THEY'RE  BROWN!

There must be an entire course in interior decorating school devoted to naming colors.  Sahara sand,  mocha, hazelnut, chocolate, amber, truffle, logan stone, sienna, frontier, caramel, putty, cocoa, bark, walnut, spice, cinder, hickory or acacia.......all just fancy names for "BROWN".


TraciVee said...

LOL...well, at least brown is neutral and will go with anything! We have two sets of dark brown furniture in our It's kinda what is in I guess. Enjoy your cinnamon sofa :)

okie_ladybug said...

You can call that dam couch Cinnamon all you want to, but it is still B-R-0-W-N!!! LMAO