Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Added my photo

Obviously, the photo I've uploaded isn't a current one!  LOL!  When I looked to find one I realized that I haven't had a photo taken in over 15 years!  So, I figured why not post one without my wrinkles and grey hair!

Don't you just crack up looking at your old childhood photos?  This is one of my favorites and I still remember going to the hotel in our town when a traveling photographer was there.  My mother had portraits taken of all four of us kids.

I think this was probably before color film had been invented!  LOL!  But I remember my dress was a pink fabric sort of like taffeta and that my mother had to work to get me dolled up for the sitting.  My mother made all my clothes and she loved to make dressy dresses for us to wear to church.  On our Easter dresses she'd go all out with ruffles, bows and pinafores!  Then she'd have to force me to wear one and not tear it up while I was running around outside like a banshee.  I was very definitely a tomboy and not too interested in getting all gussied up. 

As soon as I can drag DH to a studio I'll get a current one posted--------but only if it's flattering!   It's something I've wanted to do for some time and just haven't gotten around to doing.  He doesn't understand why I want a current photo of him so I finally told him I'll need one for the back of the milk carton if he ever goes missing!  LOL!


okie_ladybug said...

Hey you were adorable as kid!! What the hell happened? I don't find you too adorable now. Oh wait...maybe it's because you showed up to my house with an axe one day!!!!

TraciVee said...

What a beautiful photo! I just love seeing black and white photos. What a pretty girl :)

lguild said... Elmer Fudd says "be vewy, vewy careful!" You never know when an axe murderer might show up! LOL!

lguild said...

TraciVee: Thank you! Now when I post a recent photo you're going to be wondering what the &%@ happened to her! LOL!