Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little gifts

Embellishing note pads and composition books is a good way to have a supply of little gifts on hand.  They're inexpensive to make, take very little time and you can customize them any way you like.

These are covers for basic white note pads that you can pick up anywhere that they sell office supplies.  They measure 3 x 5 1/2".   Cut your cardstock 2 times the width of your note pad plus the depth of the pad.  Score the cardstock so it will fold neatly over the note pad and just embellish away!  I used a few lines of ATG adhesive on the back of the notepad to secure it to the cover.  This size is great for tucking into your handbag or glove box in the car.

The paper I used on this composition book came in a book of papers from Paperwishes.  It included a lot of coordinating tags, images and alphabets.  Composition books are super easy to cover.  My grandaughter makes some every time she visits.  Her friends really enjoy getting the ones she's personalized just for them.

The flowers on this one are purchased embellishments.  Ribbon was threaded through a border punched piece of cardstock.

These papers and embellishments also came from Paper Wishes.

Another one using the Paper Wishes papers.  The envelope does open so you can tuck a note inside.

This Post-it holder was made a long time before I bought my Bind-it-all so it has a paper hinge rather than the wires.  There are Skittles across the top and bottom.  Mickey was cut from Mickey and Friends.  There are tutorials online on how to make these.  Dawn Griffith has one on her SU blog  http://dawnsstampingthoughts.typepad.com/ and there's also one on http://www.chicnscratch.typepad.com/

With Christmas just around the corner I need to get more of these done and stashed away in my gift closet!

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