Thursday, September 9, 2010

Card Gallery - Birthday

Okieladybug told me today I should slow down on my blog posts or everyone would expect her to do more posts on her blog.  LOL!  She had sort of taken a break from doing posts on hers and I was constantly telling her to post something new on there so I'd have an idea to steal.  Now that school's back in session she's been doing regular posts again and it's a good thing because I need some new idea!

The card galleries that I'll be posting for the next couple of days are cards that I've made in the past and donated.  When I come up with a concept for a card that I like, I will usually make no fewer than 4 and sometimes as many as 24.  Since they go to overseas units that often service over 1000 military personnel I think that the multiples will be just fine.

This time I'm showing some birthday cards.  I make a ton of these since they're cards that anyone can use at any time of the year.

The set of Mr. Crabby stamps was one of the very first purchases I made from SU.  He's definitely one of my favorites.  The stamp set came with several other sentiments.  Not sure he's really a blue crab though!

I computer generated the sentiment. The stars and candle are stickers.  I added some ribbon and used a circle punch on the corners to take a bite out for added shape.

Making the step cards is a lot of fun.  This one uses an image from Indie Art and some Studio G stamps.  The skeleton paper came from SU.  I had made 5 or 6 of this type of card before it dawned on me that there's really no place for anyone to include a personal message.   So, they are in my personal card stash.

The Tart & Tangy SU stamps are another set that I use a lot.  I like the orange/lime one because it fits in a circle punch.

This paper didn't photograph well. It's from a glitter pack that I received as a gift and none of the shine shows up in the photo. It's another simple card, just some inking on the edges for dimension.

The sentiment says "The more candles, the bigger the wish." it's a SU stamp.  The diva image is from PC Crafter clip art.  Okieladybug and I fell in love with the little fat ladies in that series of images and I've used them many times.

Another of the diva images.  I computer generated the "Carpe Vino" --sieze the wine.

The ladybug is made of 3 scalloped circles.  One is applied flat onto the card surface, the other two are folded in half and then glued down.  The bug head is just a small black circle.  I used a MS border punch on th green paper and then used a pencil eraser dabbed onto a black ink pad to make the polka dots.

This is the SU stamp set again.  I computer generated the background paper and used some pop dots to add dimension to the card front.

Dawn Griffith has a video on her blog showing how to make the Elmo and Cookie Monster faces using punches.  Super simple to do and I thought this would be a perfect card for a small child's birthday. The sentiment was done with some alphabet stamps and the cake slice is a Studio G stamp.

The blog is definitely a work in progress!  I just figured out how to put the card photo off to the left and the description beside it.  But I can't figure out how to edit the photos and do them all that way!  LOL!  Well, I never said I was the sharpest Crayon in the box!


Wife2TJ said...

LOVE all the cards!!! Looks great! Congrat's on getting your blog up and running. I'll be following you :-) -Samantha

lguild said...

More birthday cards are coming. These are just a few that selected from the folder I keep the photos in.

alwayscharlie said...

Love all your cards!! Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

You are doing great getting your posts up. You have made some really wonderful cards!