Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ribbons and flower cards

The second card has a narrow strip of cotton fabric on it instead of a ribbon.  This is the one I made while on the phone with Okieladybug the night we decided to make these cards and I didn't have any wide ribbon on hand.

It's 100% cotton fabric, that's the only kind that will tear straight across the grain and leave a nice fringed edge on it.  It's layered on a torn strip from an old book I picked up in a "free" box at the library.  The flower is made using  SU punches and a scalloped circle SU punch, it's assembled with a brad.

The sentiment was computer generated and punched.

The first card has some of the ribbon I got from Okie.  The flower and leaves are from Graphically Speaking.  I think the paper is some of what I picked up at the Arlington Convention.

These cards are blank inside and will be sent to Cards for Soldiers.  The military personnel use them to write home.

***sorry about the order of the card photos!  but since my new blog is pretty much a crap shoot at this point, I'm just proud I figured out how to get the pictures on the same page as the description!***

Thanks for stopping by to see these.  And I promise I'll try to get more blog savvy!


Melissa said...

Love these! Saw Okie's on her blog....don't tell her, but I like yours better! :) ...and if you tell her, be sure to tell her it was EMA who said so!

lguild said...

Who me? Tell Okie you like mine better? You have to be kidding! She knows where I live! LOL!

It's fun to see how two people can take the same idea and have the end result be so different.

Okie is very artistic--I struggle to not make everything totally symetrical and use only two colors. My left brain is definitely the strong side! But I've come a looooong way in my cardmaking since I started in 2008.