Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Vinyl Project--Wine Glasses

Someone on the Facebook Silhouette page shared a studio file to cut this.  The font in that file was so tiny that I never could get it to stick onto the transfer paper in order to put it onto the glass.  I used Script MT Bold font.  The capital letters are only 5/16th of an inch tall.

Weeding the letters was extremely difficult.  After ruining several of the phrases, I got out my magnifier visor and used it in order to see the tiny pieces that needed to be removed.  Then it was quite difficult to adhere the letters onto the transfer tape since they're so thin.

I'm going to re-work the file and use a different font.  Probably all capital letters to avoid as much weeding as possible.

Working with vinyl is fun, but I need to get back to making cards!  My January box for Operation Write Home is only about 2/3 full and there are only four days left in this month.  Looks like the remainder of the glasses will have to wait a few days while I get serious and fill that box!

The contour of the glass makes the words look as if they're not straight.  Trust me.  They are. 

By the time I got two of these done,  I was past the "Don't even ask" stage! lol!