Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tea Box

Kat Schriber posted a box like this on Facebook and it intrigued me enough to purchase the file to make one from the Silhouette store.

Let's just say that if I hadn't seen the link for a tutorial at the bottom of the page that had the file on it, I'd never have been able to assemble this!  I studied the online tutorial, gave up and called DH in to see if he could figure it out.  After about 15 minutes, he gave up on the tutorial and just folded it.

I printed the tutorial, cut this one from some scrap paper, then numbered the pieces and followed the photo instructions step by step.  The cardstock I used for this one is light weight.  I have one cut from some Bazzill, which is much heavier, ready to assemble and embellish tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can figure out how to convert the file to MTC format.  I do NOT like using Silhouette software.  I never did figure out how to add extra pages of mats inside the file so that I could separate the pieces into the box exterior, lid, and embellishments each group on their own mat.  The whole process of dragging the pieces you don't want to cut off into the grey area around the mat is quite the hassle when you compare it to MTC.  In MTC, I could have had three mats, two for the box pieces and one for the embellishments.  In Silhouette software, I had to drag the pieces off the mat, leaving as many as I could cut from a single sheet and repeat that process three times. 

The box turned out cute and it's going to be the perfect size to store tea bags.

Here's the link to the designer's page and tutorial  3 Under 3 and More...