Saturday, January 12, 2013

Had to take a detour on this one...

This is not the cross I wanted to use on the card I had planned out in my head.  But, I took a slight detour and this is what I wound up with.

The original idea involved an intricate filigreed cross.  Using MTC software, I had six of them on a single mat and when I sent them to the Cameo to cut I got the "blue screen of death" from Windows.  It contained some scary information about having to shut down Windows in order not to damage my computer and I think it made me promise never, ever to do whatever I'd done to invoke the wrath of Windows again!

***I should have paid more attention yesterday when it threatened me with the same consequences when I tried to cut six other intricate shapes at a time.***

Once I'd calmed Windows down and got fewer of the filigreed crosses sent to be cut, I realized that you just can't cut Coordinations sand and tear cardstock that intricately and scrapped that whole idea.  By that time it was 11:30 p.m., my patience was worn thin, and I found this cross on Indie Art and just used it!

The cross was so plain that I added rows of dots using a Pearl Pen. The dots look white in the photo but they're actually a cream color.

The border is paper lace that I found in the Dollar Tree several years ago.  On the inside cover, I printed the Twenty-third Psalm.

The finished card is nothing like I had planned, but, sometimes, like on a road trip with a friend, we find some great things when we get lost and take a detour.  I'm satisfied with the way it turned out and hope that one of the soldiers will be pleased to send it home to someone they care about.


AndreaA said...

No doubt Linda that some soldier will be very happy to get this card to send home.
It is very pretty and I love those colors together.
Sometimes what you have in your head to make, just goes in a different direction!!

MaryH said...

Love this cross too. Great job on the pearls added. Good to know that Cameo doesn't like the coordinations paper. I've found that the cheaper Recollections, etc. work better for my dies, and in the cameo also. Cheery Lynn dies surely don't like the 'good' c/s when I use it either. TFS