Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Using a Cricut Blade Holder in a Cameo

Notice the difference between the green metal blade housing on the left and the plastic one on the right?  In order to use the Cricut blade holder in the Cameo machine, you have to file down the collar so it will fit into the blade holder.  My husband held the housing securely with a clamp and used a file to smooth off the collar.  You could also use a nail file designed for acrylic nails or even a Dremel tool.

It will fit snugly, so you need to be certain that you push it all the way down into the blade holder.

The cuts are "okay".  A Cameo blade makes a much better cut on anything intricate. In order to cut cardstock, I have to use the multi-cut feature.   I had no luck cutting vinyl with the Cricut blade, even when I used the multi-cut feature in MTC software.

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char52 said...

Brave... I will stick to the cameo blades for the cameo and my cricut for my cricut.