Friday, September 2, 2011

Walmart Finds

I was very pleased to see that our local Walmart had EK Success punches.  These are the only ones I got today.

I certainly hope that they're the same quality as the other EKS punches I've purchased and not a cheapened version just for Walmart.

I also found these colored staples in the clearance aisle.  I like the look of staples on cards but never would spend the money to get them at Hobby Lobby.
These were fifty cents per pack and have 2000 staples in each.  So, I think I'm fixed for life now!

Stay tuned.....I'll be posting some cards with these on the fronts soon!


Robin's Crafting Creations said...

They also had stamps for 97 cent's

Anonymous said...

You can color regular staples with sharpies too... ahhh the color options... You can also make patterns that way... you just color on the "stick" of staples before you put them in the stapler. It's best to try not to color over areas you already colored because it lifts the color. - KC