Monday, September 12, 2011          This is a link for the manufacturer of the pens I used. 

Pearl Pens are similar to Liquid Pearls.  They are in a larger container and the solution is thinner than Liquid Pearls so you need to practice using it until you figure out how fast it comes out of the tip.

I have never seen them in Hobby Lobby, Michael's or JoAnn's.  The ones I have were picked up at CKC in Tulsa last month.  Given a choice, I prefer the Liquid Pearls but I can't find them in any of the craft stores in Oklahoma unless I buy sets with colors in them that I don't use.

I believe the pens are $5 and they probably hold over twice the amount of product that's in Liquid Pearls.  You may need to do an online search to find a supplier.

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