Friday, September 9, 2011

Girl's Night Out

Last night was spent with my friends, Shirley and Carrie in Ada.  This is the first time that the three of us have been in the same place at the same time!  We communicate a lot online but Carrie lives in Oklahoma City,  Shirley in Ada and I'm in Seminole so the distance as well as their work schedules makes it difficult to plan a get together.  (I, on the other hand, am totally retired and can pretty much do what I want when I darned well want! LOL!)

We met at the LSS and then headed over to Applebee's for dinner, conversation and a lot of laughs.  Then we headed over to Shirley's house to sit on her patio and enjoy the cool fall weather we're having.

Another of my friends, Anita White, who I went shopping with yesterday, made Shirley the cutest pillow case from some ladybug fabric we found on our excursion.  I had to get a couple of photos of her as she unfolded it and admired it. 

Great job, Anita!  Shirley, aka Okieladybug loved it!  The three of us had a good laugh about the captions around the ladybugs too!  So very "Shirley"!

 Okieladybug herself on the patio at Ladybug Manor.

Carrie Elmore just kickin' back after a hard day at work.  (Yeah, right, Carrie!)

As the evening drew to a close, Carrie drew a design that she's been trying to figure out how to cut with her E2.  She and Shirley put their heads together, literally, in the dark and got the file designed in Shirley's Gypsy.

Now as soon as Carrie figures out how to download it.........  LOL!

We all felt extremely safe while sitting outdoors in the dark because the intrepid guard dog. Lucy was there to be certain that no ornery creatures would sneak up on us and nibble on our toes!

I certainly hope that Carrie and Shirley enjoyed the evening as much as I did!  It's great to spend some "down time" with good friends!


Robin's Crafty Thing's said...

Glad you girls had fun.

Carrie said...

I personally had a fabulous time....wonderul company, good food and cold beer...who could ask for anything more (except that Lucy is STILL sad because she couldn't go home with me to play with Watson!)

Linda said...

Carrie--next trip down you should arrange a play date for them! LOL!

Robin, I can honestly say, wish you were here! We had a good time.

A splash here and there said...

Ahhhh so jealous right now!

Renee said...

Looks like you girls had a great time!!!