Monday, August 19, 2013

Testing and Reviewing Square 1 Masterpiece Adhesive Fabric

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Shawn Mosch from Crafty Chics
You may also know Shawn from  MyCutSearch, a site I rely on to help locate images on my Cricut cartridges.  She wanted to know if I would try using a new craft product called Square 1 Masterpiece in a project and write a review.   I was pretty hesitant to accept the offer.  Most things I see from design teams are pretty elaborate and, let's face it, I named my blog "Nothin' Fancy" for a reason!

It took me several days to decide how to use the Square 1 product.  I wanted to not only showcase the material, but I also wanted to test how it cut and how easily it would transfer onto a surface.

The design I chose for my test is from the Cricut cartridge Lyrical Letters.  Because the area I had to work with was relatively small, I knew it would be a wonderful test for intricate cuts.  Using my Cameo and Make The Cut software, I cut the design using the settings that work well for me when I cut vinyl.

The Square 1 Masterpiece cut cleanly and weeded easily.  Essentially it's an adhesive backed fabric. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the surface is.  Since it's fabric, I anticipated it having a much rougher texture. 

You can go here to find out all the details about the product: Square 1 Masterpiece website

This link will take you to Square 1 Masterpiece Facebook page.  There you will find photos of projects and can ask questions about using their product.

Like vinyl, Square 1 is on a paper backing and can be cut with a die cutting machine. Their website says that you do not have to use transfer paper since the fabric isn't stretchy.  I did use transfer paper for two reasons: 1.  It helps me to position the cut out and, 2. the design I chose to cut was quite lacy and flexible.  If I had cut a solid shape, I wouldn't have needed the transfer paper at all.

The Square 1 adhered easily onto the shiny surface of the charger plate.  The matte finish of the Square 1 makes it really stand out on the glossy surface.

I used metallic gold Oracal 651 vinyl for the words and snowflakes.  Then I embellished the tree shape with red Stickles and a pre-made red satin bow.

Make The Cut software makes it super simple to curve text.  You just place a circle the size you want on your mat, type in your text and drag it into the circle.  Voila`!  It's there.  You may want to manipulate the letters a bit depending on the font you choose.

I added snowflakes from Paper Trimmings, Accent Essentials, and Winter Lace Cricut cartridges.  They were traced and cut on my Cameo with Make The Cut software.

The font I used is Lobster Two.

So, would I recommend Square 1?  Yes, I definitely would.  It cuts cleanly, transfers easily and the adhesive on it is repositionable, which makes it safe to use on painted walls.


Tami Tran said...

How do you use a a Cricut cartridge with your Cameo & MTC software?? I have both & would love to be able to use some of my Cricut cartridges with my Cameo. Thanks!!

Carol said...

Super review Linda ... this product looks awesome, and so does your plate. Great job.

Sue Painter said...

Thanks for the review of this new stuff. I may have to try some! I can see from your pictures that it cut really cleanly, like you said. Looks great, Linda!

Linda said...

Tami Tran--if you'll scroll back through my blog posts you'll find one with an explanation of how I use my Cricut images with my Cameo.

Shawn Mosch said...

LOVE what you did Linda! I think this did a great job of showing off how well Square 1 works even on those little delicate cuts.

Thank you so much for your review of the product!

Shawn ~
Crafty Chics Blog
and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!
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A Country Twinkle said...

Love the plate! Thanks for the product review.

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Beautiful intricate cuts, looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Tami, I was just thinking the same thing! Did you get a reply, I'd love to know. I had never heard of Make the Cut software!

Linda said...

The information on how to use any image, not just Cricut images, with Make the Cut is in a blog post I did a few weeks ago. You can scroll back and find it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely project & a good review, too! Thanks! Lee