Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mixed Media Windmill Card

The windmill is a clip art image that I found online.  I saved it as a jpg image, imported it into MGI Photosuite and changed the color and opacity of the clip art image.  This made the windmill  look as if it's shrouded in fog.

The trees in the background were done with a partially inked Stampin' Up stamp.  I actually had to mix ink colors to get the look I wanted.

I trimmed down the sentiment stamp, removed the swirls around the quote and stamped it with the ink pad that I mixed ink colors on and wound up with a monochromatic card that I really like.

1 comment:

Sue Painter said...

Linda, this card is really pretty. I love what you did with mixing the windmill and the trees. Cool about mixing the inks, too!