Monday, August 26, 2013

Covered Recipe Box

When it comes to sniffing out a bargain, Shirley has a nose like a blood hound!  I'm not sure if it was last year or the year before that we were in Michael's and she found Paula Deen recipe boxes marked down to less than fifty cents.  Then, we had coupons for a percentage off our total purchase to make them even cheaper!
We bought all they had left, of course, knowing we'd rush home and make something wonderful with them. I put mine on a shelf. And, other than looking at them occasionally, that's where they've been ever since.

Today, it was either come up with some craft project or clean house so I got busy looking for a project!

Carrie shared some Graphic 45 punch out sheets and some of their papers with me.  Most of the punch outs are tags and will work great on Christmas cards, but I thought they'd look pretty cool on the box too, so I used almost an entire sheet.

I knew that cutting an opening so the paper would fit around the closure on the box would be tricky.  I decided to use a black ProMarker and color an area around the closure so that the opening in the paper didn't have to fit perfectly.  A Stampin' Up Word Window punch was a good size for the opening and made it simple to slip the paper over the closure.

This project is really "outside the box" for me!  Not sure what the heck I'm going to do with it now that it's completed, but it kept me busy so I could avoid housework, so I guess it's already served its purpose!

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Carrie said...

Turned out great!