Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shawna's Cheese Dip

About 11 o'clock at the swarm, I smelled something wonderful in the kitchen and had to go check it out.  Shawna Maxwell had brought a crock pot of cheese dip to go with the submarine sandwiches for our lunch.  I've had the Velveeta Cheese and Rotel dip several times and it's okay.  Usually a little hotter than what I care for though. Shawna's recipe is creamier and has a milder pepper flavor to it since she uses Pace Picante sauce instead of the Rotel tomatoes with green chilies.

She was kind enough to share her recipe with all of us at the swarm.  I made it for Fred the very next day and he agrees that it's just pretty darned good!  Knowing that I'd want to keep the recipe and use it again, I made a layout for my Cricut Cookin' recipe album.

The pot was cut with From My Kitchen; I used clip art for the images and just printed the heading on my computer.

Thanks again for sharing this with me Shawna!

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Shawna Maxwell said...

You are more than welcome!!! I'm glad you liked it!!!